Mount a disk permanently with ‘fstab’.

Having a hard drive in your Linux system is no fun unless you mount it! So why would you want to have to manually mount the drives after every reboot? In today’s article I will go over the steps of writing your disk information to the Linux ‘fstab’ file to allow you to automatically mount a drive’s […]

Using SMART to test a hard drive.

SMART stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology and is available on most mechanical disks that are sold today. Using SMART to test the ‘health’ of a disk consists of two steps: 1 – Run a SMART test to get an initial report. 2 – Run a second SMART report. In this article I will briefly  go over how […]

How to place a chest in a bedroom.

I have been playing Dwarf Fortress for the past couple of weeks (much to my fiance’s chagrin) and I consider myself to be doing fairly well in getting the basics down; keeping dwarfs happy, drunk and alive. My first couple of forts lasted about 20 mins before I started over and the first fort I […]