Crazy-Bad Windows 8 Metro Chrome crap.

If you can’t tell I have a little animosity towards Windows 8. A while back, before Windows 8 was released, seeing a video put out by M$ talking about how their analytic’s showed that no one was using the “Start Button”. I remember thinking that this was an insightful remark because I know that everyone who uses Windows 7 will launch applications from either the desktop or the “Task Bar” without ever even touching the “Start Menu”.

So in my mind I’m thinking they are going to end-up with something similar to the Mac OS launcher that resides at the bottom of the screen. But OH NO! That would be a good thing and M$ has to always fuck up. So what do they do? They essentially force everyone to use the “Start Button” by 1) making the start menu the default screen when you log in 2) making the start menu full screen!

But I digress….

Today I just want to do a quick post on how to get Google Chrome to open as a window on the desktop rather than full screen as a Metro style app.

In order to do this you have to edit the registry (disclaimer: you can really mess things up when editing the registry. If you don’t know what you are doing then you might want to just leave it alone.)

Here is the key that you need to edit:


On my machine I had to create the “launch_mode” DWORD. (Right-click\New\DWORD (32-bit) Value).

Set the value to “0” and then re-open Chrome. It should now open in the sane windows desktop mode rather than the insane Metro mode.