The ideal is very important. In fact, it may be the most important thing when it comes to action/work (that is, actually doing things). That is because it creates a goal. A point to aspire to. I have been┬áreading Vivekananada’s “The Yogas and Other Works” and he talks about how the ideal is important not only as a goal, but also as a pure and untouched idealistic state. He states that having an ideal is required for practical application of the Vedantic philosophy, but he also warns of the great danger that comes when one tries to bring the ideal down to the practical, even ever so slightly. The ideal should be pure and should represent everything that is untouched by ignorance. So we should have ideals, and we should have ideals that are pure and even may seem to be unobtainable. That the ideal should be exactly that, something that is above the everyday ignorance that we hold to be true. The limiting nature of our perception.

So how does this apply to me creating a YouTube channel? In this mission I have to create content for YouTube (Twitch, Twitter, etc…) I have started to think about all sorts of fearful things. Out of those fearful things, two categories emerge. The fear of failure and the fear of success. Both the good result and the bad result I am afraid of.

On one hand I am afraid to fail. What if I don’t get enough followers. What if I don’t make any money? On this side of the fear coin, I can just say to myself; “I don’t care” or ” I’ll just do it for fun”. So even though the fear is there, I think I am able to overcome the fear of failure and still move forward in my endeavor.

If I can get past the fear of failure, then that leaves me with the fear of success. It is the fear of success, I believe, that is the biggest obstacle we can face as creative people. After pondering this side of the fear coin I remembered Vivekananda’s practical Vedanta lecture (part one).

In order to overcome that fear, one must have an ideal, a perfect result in mind. Once you have this ideal in the mind, no action can be wrong if it is in harmony with the ideal. Now, the first thing that had to be done when travelling down this road of thought is the creation, in thought, of said ideal. This in itself can be a difficult and dangerous creative process. I say dangerous because when you create the ideal, you will naturally be inclined to make your journey to the ideal easier. So you might be tempted to try and take that perfect result and make it a little more “obtainable” by just changing it a little; by just giving it a touch of practicality. Vivekananda warns against this and tells the listener to absolutely, positively steer clear of any ideal brought before you that has even a touch of this world, this illusion of ignorance.

So this leaves me with my task. The creation of my ideal YouTube creator state. I hope to do myself justice in the creation of this ideal state. No matter what the result, with my ideal in mind I know that I can reach any goal I so desire. As long as my ideal is pure and good, I know that my mission will be fulfilled.


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