5 of Wands
5 of Wands

Over the past couple years I have gotten in the habit of drawing a tarot card for each day. This has given me a ‘flavor’ for the day, a theme and has been working well for me.

There is something about today’s card that I have not noticed before. I have gotten this card many times but have never realized that meaning. “Change through courage” is the last upright meaning of the card according to my phone’s interpretation. All of the other times I have gotten this card I have never noticed this meaning; or, if I have, its meaning had not had the same effect on me as it had this morning.

The card itself is about competition and struggle, but it is also about “agility”. That has always perplexed me. It is almost as if the men/boys shown on the card face are engaging not in a war or fight, but in training or sparing. There is no blood, they appear to be friends and are, in a way, rejoicing. The imagery brings the word ‘college’ to mind for me. Representing such as the development of agility through sparing, debating, and wrestling with thoughts and ideas.

The more in-depth meaning states: “This card represents the struggle to gain material security, which is only achieved through dedication. Courage is needed, as well as the ability to think on your feet. Develop new ways of thinking ahead to attain an advantage. Maintain your balance and equilibrium, and do not lose sight of your goal.”

Again this is very indicative of the college mindset. Another interesting thing about this card is the first line of its reversed meaning: “This card reversed warns that the battle you are in is an illusion.” The card appears to me to be saying that this learning is needed but that this is not the “real” world, as they used to tell me back in high school: “You think it’s bad here; just wait until you get out in the ‘real world’.”

I can relate this somewhat to my place in life right now. Between jobs, the only thing that I can actively do at this time is to learn, to expand my horizons and soak up as many different experiences as possible. This is the learning part of the equation.

I have the ability to map out my chosen route. To find every path through the forest in order to find the most suitable and effective path for me. I have been practicing the energy of this card over the past couple months and I am starting to find my foothold. This leads me to my blogging, my twitch streaming and soon to my YouTube creations.

One must build up the state of mind to accomplish before one can dedicate oneself to the accomplishment!

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