As part of my plan to create a schedule for my day(s), I am going to start to do my best to record everything I do throughout the day for at least this coming week starting today.

? – Woke-up and made coffee
? – Journaled on the last page of the 2016 journal
? – Posted the blog post I wrote last night
? – Searched around the internet for news (HackerNews) and posted Stallman’s “Why you should not use Skype” link to my blog.
11:00am – Browsed around on to get a feel for the site.
11:20am – Checked the garage and found that water was leaking through the sand bags that I setup a few days ago. Apparently the garage door moved or I didn’t get the bags close enough to the door to stop water from coming through. Moved the bags to be more effective.
11:40am – Started to write this entry for the day.
12:15pm – Cooked lunch; Eggs and sausage

OK, that will not work. It’s too hard to write down everything when I am not sitting in front of the desk all day. This may work better on days that I am at my desk doing some long term project; writing down everything that happens all day.

I WAS able to get a lot of stuff done today. I have been looking at different mics and all these things to start live streaming and normally I would have purchased something by now. Purchasing things makes me feel like I am ‘doing something’ but in reality I am doing nothing.

That is thing about consumerism. It is a social concept based upon greed and thus leads to more greed. That is why greed is considered one of the sins, because it can become addictive. Back in the day, hunting was considered a sin because men would get addicted to hunting and wouldn’t take care of their families. The more things that you purchase, the more you want to purchase more things.

Normally I would purchase things all the time in an attempt to do things. I would eagerly await the arrival at my door, but once I had the object in my hands, the magic would be gone and I would be left with the reality that if I want to get anything done I would have to actually DO SOMETHING!

So this time around I have waited and waited. I searched Amazon every day for different products, maybe totaling over an hour every day; but instead of purchasing I would just wait till the next day.

The first thing I noticed is that I would really want something for one day, and would think that I had it all ready to purchase. I needed this! Then the next day, I would think that something completely different was the right thing and I needed it now. So I would be changing my mind about things fairly quickly.

So if I didn’t need any of these things then what was I doing!? Well, nothing but searching online for shit I didn’t need! Instead of actually streaming and making it work, I was spinning my wheels. After searching for long enough I would probably get board with the whole streaming thing and move on to yet something else.

Today I changed the way I look at things. With the realization that I was spinning my wheels, I needed a way out of the cycle. I actually wanted to get something done! So I decided to MAKE it happen. If the WILL wants something hard enough, nothing is impossible.

UPDATE: I was able to search through my garage/workshop area and I was able to get everything I needed together to stream audio and video on twitch! Furthermore, I was able to actually do a live stream with face cam overlay and everything! Let this be a lesson to everyone, if you can get up the will to do something, nothing can stop you!

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