Over the past couple of days I have been working on getting my twitch.tv stream setup and running. Today was the first day that I was able to actually do a full stream of Dwarf Fortress. Every day I’m learning a little more and if I just keep on doing it every day, then I will eventually become really good at it!

The stream went well. The main issue that I am having is getting my sound levels down. I like it when people play music when they are streaming so I put on Pandora in the background. Getting the level between my voice and the music is a little tough to get right the first time. Once I get the levels down I should be able to just replicate the settings between streams and it should cease to be an issue.

Working through the sound issue is a perfect example of progression forward. As long as I am ACTIVELY doing it every day, I can’t help but learn and eventually get it right. Do this enough and it becomes second nature.

The other difficulty I had was actually making watching me play the game exciting. That is, playing the game in a way that I would deem entertaining to people watching. Part of it is the fact that DF is a little on the strange side. It’s not necessarily an action game! I also tend to zone out when playing DF. Sometimes I would sit there and just watch the dwarfs perform their tasks. It’s part of what I love about the game; it’s a little like an ant farm!

It must have been half way entertaining because I got my first follower. Who knows, it could be a bot, but it’s better than not having any followers! You have to start somewhere. At one point during the stream I had about 5-6 people watching which is pretty much all you are going to get streaming DF. So I consider this quite an accomplishment!

My desk is slowly turning into a recording studio. If I would have taken a picture the day before I started this (about a week ago) and then I compared it to what it looks like now the difference would be significant. I think that out of all the changes I have made over the past week, the desk transformation would be the most drastic.

The next game that I am going to stream is Rimworld. It’s a game inspired by DF that I donated to early on in its development. I had access to the game before it was on Steam and the developers would send out emails with links to download the newest version of the game. Since I played it last, it has really blown up both in popularity (there are quite a few streamers) and also in the amount of game-play that they added. I’m excited to play it again and I’m sure I will be doing a couple of full day streams.

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