The worst thing that you can be in this world is inactive. Activity, action, karma is the reason that the entire universe exists. Everything is the effect of some action and this entire universe is the product of the first and only action. The cause of all things including every action that you or I make.

Without action, nothing would exist and therefor no progress would ever be made. It is no accident that the entire universe exists. To think about the truth; that all of this is the product of stars is mind boggling. Not only our actions are the echos of the first and only action, but our physical bodies reflect this in that every particle is the product of some previous action. Some previous cause.

So, to not be active is fundamentally against this universe. It is not the law of this existence to be inactive. It is the law of this universe to be active. Activity is required and we are working all the time. Everything from our most basic breathing to every word that we say is part of our karma. To align the actions that you perform with those of the universe is the greatest form of karma ever. It is the type of action that moves things forward and makes things grow.

There are two basic ways that you can perform action. In these two categories of action all actions fall: to obtain and to renounce. The action of obtaining is known as the lifestyle of the householder. The action of renouncing is known as the lifestyle of the monk. For the householder, it is his duty to obtain things for many people rely on him; his wife, his children, the poor, etc. For the monk who has taken up the path of renouncing it would be amoral for him to obtain riches and fortune. His morals hold that he should never even think of riches. Neither of these paths are better than the other. They are equal in that they both are action; there is no difference.

It may seem like this is high talk, like it doesn’t make any difference in our day-to-day lives but it does. If we waste our lives by not doing anything, by being lazy and not doing any progressive work, then we are even more amoral then if we did bad things. That’s something to think about. If you do nothing, it is worse than having done something bad, which is worse than doing correct action.

Knowing that it is our duty to do action in this world, to perform karma we may feel a great burden. If we HAVE to do something, then it always seems like it becomes more tedious to do something because it’s forced. For this I would respond that we are all actually vindicated by this knowledge. We can rest assured that in reality, as long as we are performing karma to the best of out ability, we are doing good in this life. There is no fear of failure at this point. All work is good.

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