The subconscious is a wonderful thing. It holds all of the collective memories from all past lives that have touched upon its ray. To some, the subconscious is the enemy, to others it is a dark and scary place full of terrifying monsters. To others still it is a well of knowledge and information.

If properly tamed it can be a powerful stallion that gives the rider great power over him or herself. If not, it becomes a night-mare. The subconscious is like a powerful wild animal. The archetype of an animal would make sense in consideration of the fact that all consciousness traveled up to the human sphere through the animal sphere, and traces of every animal we have ever evolved through are still there in our subconscious.

The powers of all the animals are awaiting manifestation of their powers in the human. The strength of the gorilla, the fearlessness of the lion, the freedom of the eagle. All of those energies lie dormant and waiting for us in our subconscious mind. The power gained by discovering and using the subconscious is often represented as an animal as well. Instead of a wild savage beast, the subconscious can become a great and powerful energy in our lives.

The unconscious mind also contains all of the imprints from our past lives and the lives of our mother and fathers. In fact, it contains imprints from our parents, parents all the way back to before we where us and farther! That is the reason that the subconscious is so powerful. It contains all of the lessons from all past lives, all past actions, and this collective consciousness is contained as a whole in every individual.

This is a reflection of the fact that each and every one of us contains the entire universe as a whole. The entire existence is within all humans. This is a wonderful and extremely important truth. Just think about the implications that knowledge of this fact uncovers! Many have in the past! Many have meditated on this and obtained wisdom which is the greatest nectar and have gained great freedom.

If man is able to look within himself, he will be sure to discover all the knowledge that has ever existed and will ever exist. This is where the New Age idea of the “Akashic Record” comes from. In Sanskrit, the word ‘akasha’ means aether, sky or void. It has occult parallels with the concept of the waters above and waters below (Bohu, Tohu) found in Kabbalah. Akasha is the most basic and unifying ‘thing’ that makes up all other things. Scientifically it is the concept of pure ‘space’.

So what is being said with the Akashic Record, is that the imprint of all karma is left on this material/void/space which is the most basic and unifying thing between all matter and therefore links all matter together in this chain of karma. Because the universe exists within each and every human in full, then all imprints are accessible to each and every one of us if we know, and practice looking in ourselves.

This is what is meant by ‘dis-cover’. We have covered ourselves with ignorance in this world, thinking we are individuals with differences. We ‘uncover’ knowledge by removing the ignorance which is like removing the hands from your eyes. We already have knowledge of everything, we are simply uncovering that knowledge and stopping it from being hidden from us. It is possible to find all knowledge by looking inside ourselves. All things are available to us if we practice and perfect this looking inside known as meditation.

There are two ways to uncover things; from the outside and from the inside. The external takes much energy to develop. By looking inside we find everything with very little energy required!

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