Today I decided to go over my goals for the month of January 2017 and I thought I would post them as a reminder to get them done! The month is about half over, so these are goals for things that I either want to do every day, or that I want to get completed before the end of the month. A lot of the things listed here I have been doing all month already, so it should be no problem for me to knock these things out for the rest of this month. I am also planning some things for the new moon that is approaching on the 27th of this month so that will be the day where, if I need to, I will shift my focus away from things that are not working. In the meantime, here are my goals for the rest of January 2017:

Scheduled tasks:
* Write over 1000 words per day, everyday.
* Post a blog post every day.
* Learn Shinken monitoring -> Get a server up and running with monitoring of something working.
* Work out 3 times per week -> Each workout consists of:
100 sit-ups min
100 push-ups
100 squats w/ weight added (30 pounds)
As needed weight lifting
* Paint my temple board panting (Ill post it when it is done!)
* Meditate and read every day -> Reading should be non-fiction.

Quick tasks:
* Label networking equipment in the house.
* Create networking topology diagram for the house network.
* Enable SNMP on something -> One of the routers/switches maybe?

For the reading, I am also going to be trying to get at least a chapter of the fiction book I am reading for pleasure; Neil Stephenson’s Seveneves. If I could finish that book this month that would also be quite an accomplishment. It is a big read but I really enjoy the way that Neil Stephenson writes and would recommend his books to anyone who is interested in “hard science fiction”; that is, science fiction that is as close as possible to real, but with one event or thing that is changed to create the story. Something like historical speculative fiction could be considered a close relative of this genre in that everything is as close to how it really happened, but the author changed one thing (like the Nazis won the war) and takes off in that direction. The primes of Seveneves being; the moon blows up. It literally gets blown into a bunch of pieces that eventually disintegrate into a cloud that covers the earth and kills everyone on the planet (called the hard rain). The only people who survive are the ones who where able to make it off the planet and onto a makeshift space-station orbiting the earth. Ill leave it at that. If it sounds like an interesting story then you should give it a try.

Another item on my list that I am excited about is learning Shinken. For people out there in the tech world, you may have heard about Nagios. It is a tool that monitors your network and reports problems in performance and availability to you. Very useful when you have a lot of network devices all relying on each other, or even when you are managing a load of servers and special hardware. The best way to start fixing a problem is to first know about the problem and this system helps you do that. I am planning on learning the Shenkin spin-off of Nagios because I love to use things written in Python. It just makes it so much easier to deploy and use packages because of ‘pip’. Other than some architectural changes, it is completely compatible with Nagios and can even use Nagios configurations without any editing! The software is challenging but I feel that it is worth knowing how to use and configure it. The payoff of knowledge is just too sweet!

As far as things that I want to get done this month, the only one that remains on the list is painting my temple board. I have a board that I painted black and I am planning on painting a Hindu temple on it using bright and pastel colors so it resembles the temples in India. Recently I found out that even the Greek statues where originally painted and looked very real. We have sense let the paint come off the marble and that is how we know them today, but that was not always the case. Even many of the old temples that you can see in Cambodia and Thailand as well as the great pyramids and many other ancient building where painting bright colors, with the pyramids originally a bright white.

My foray into painting came when I decided to paint some dancing skeletons on a board as a Christmas present for a friend of mine. At first it was hard and I thought that I was going to mess it up and that it would not come out looking good. Instead of giving up before I even got the painting done, I decided to keep pushing and I worked hard at getting it done. Within two nights I had the entire painting done and I thought it looked amazing. For me, it was a testament to the fact that if I wanted to get something done, no matter how hard it seemed to be, I would be able to complete that thing and succeed. In reality everyone can do that. That is a fact! If you really want something, there is nothing but yourself that can stop you from reaching your goals!

Exercise is also a big part of this months goals. I lost a lot of weight last year and I am feeling great this month so far. Now that all the weight is off I am realizing that was only half the battle to looking and feeling my best. Diet is a huge part but exercise is also just as important. If I can work out on a regular basis I think that it will help keep me feeling and looking as good as possible.

Wish me luck on this months goals! If you have any goals or comments, be sure to tell me about them in the comments of this post. I would really love to hear back from you all!

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