Today was a pretty easy going day. I was able to get a lot done including working on the temple painting. It is actually developing nicely so I am excited about getting it done. I already have a place above my desk to put it.

Tomorrow is a workout day so I’m happy that I am not feeling too sore today. It is a whole lot easier to get motivated to workout when you are not already feeling the pain from the last workout! Plus, I don’t think that it is too healthy to work out too much. There has to be some time to get healed before you can really push it again. I also think that it is important to make sure to stay active for most of the day. You may be surprised how many calories your body burns just simply walking and standing. If you walked for an entire day straight, you would burn well over the 2500 calories recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration. That’s quite a bit!

A reason for this large number is that your body is actually very inefficient at using calories for physical energy. Only about 20% of the calories used by the body result in locomotion. The majority of calories burned are used for brain function, with the rest going to basic body functions and heat regulation. So you can see how much you can expend by just moving your body.

One can only imagine the amount of time people spend just sitting and doing nothing. People who work in offices are the most prone to this problem. I, myself used to sit for most of the day when I had a desk job. I would try my best to get out of the building and take a walk around the building, but that would only be for 5-10 minutes and then I was back to sitting at my desk for the rest of the day.

If you can just get up and move around you can actually burn quite a few carbs. There are people who think that in order to work out and loose weight, you have to push yourself to the limit and really make it a chore. The only time you need to kill yourself working out is if you want to create muscle. In that case you have to literally tear the muscle in order for it to heal stronger, and bigger than it was before. For fat burning, you only need two things: be in a fat burning mode (ketogenic), and burn more calories than you consume.

Office life is not a good way to live. I feel bad for those who are stuck at a desk job, or any job, that they hate. Being locked in to a job that you hate is one of the worst ways to spend your life, but many Americans are doing just that. It is easy to get locked into a cycle of consuming debt. With things like credit cards and home mortgages, people get locked into having to just pay the bills. There are those who have so much debt that they will never be able to pay it off. That is no way to live.

A lesson I learned early on; Don’t get put in a position where you owe someone something. As soon as you owe something to someone, you are their slave plain and simple. They can come and take your entire life away. It is always best to be as self reliant as you can. Sure there are people in your life that depend upon you and those you depend upon, but this dependence should be based on fellowship and love, not mandated by debt.

I’m digressing from by original purpose for writing this post, which was me working out and the value of being active. Again, it’s amazing what you can do for your health and fitness by just moving around for the majority of the day. I’ve even had the thought of removing the chair at my desk so that I would stand all day and never really sit down for any length of time. That may be a little extreme, but it would probably be very effective.

The other thing that I have discovered only yesterday is that it helps when going through the ‘keto flu’ to take salt tablets. I discovered that most if not all of my keto transition symptoms where alleviated by salt pills. No more dizziness or light headed feeling from low blood pressure. I would highly recommend that you check them out if you ever feel fatigued or tired. They have really done wonders for my overall vitality, especially when transitioning.

When you are going through keto, or even during keto if your body is still adjusting, it is common to loose salt when your body is flushing out all the water weight. This can result in de-hydration. Even though you may be drinking a lot of water, you will still feel thirsty because your body is loosing salt as well as potassium. An easy way to take care of this is to salt your food more. After a while your body should adjust (takes about a week or two) and then you will be back to normal and you wont have to worry about your salt intake so much.

I found that by taking a salt pill every hour or so, all of my fatigue, headaches, and dizziness upon standing quickly went away. The effects where almost immediate. The nice thing about the pill is you don’t have to take it with food so you don’t necessarily have to eat to get your salt up. I like to take one just before we go on our walks around the neighborhood in order to have more energy.

Most people think that taking salt would be harmful, but really the issue with salt is not the amount that you eat. It is more about the amount of water that you drink with the salt intake and if you have high blood pressure due to other factors which can be exasperated by the salt. What people forget is that salt is an important part of our diet and is required by our bodies to function.

With the addition of the salt pills I have been feeling great. Today was the second day taking them and they are really making a difference. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling just as good when I work out.

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