When you use your mind, it is like you are touching the universe. The universe is like a lake. The magnitude of your thought creates ripples of various sizes in the lake of the universe. The stronger the concentration, the larger the ripple. These ripples also combine with other ripples and create even bigger ripples. This continues to happen until the ripple is so large that it triggers an event.
Thoughts are like waves. Waves of a similar frequency will combine to create an even larger wave until the wave crests and is resolved back into many little waves. This happens for eternity. This also demonstrates the concept of ‘like attracts like’ or the “Law of Attraction” as it is known in New Age terms. Thoughts that are of a similar nature will combine with other similar thoughts. Likewise, thoughts that are conflicting or un-similar will cancel each other out and not continue to manifest.

There are often times that everyone has known, when you enter a room and can feel the energy inside. If you feel something like that you should know that the thoughts that are in that room are very strong and may be inharmonious with your own. There are other times when you walk into a room and can feel the love and warmth of the people there. Often times people will talk about a person’s “energy”. What they are referring to is the strong thought vibrations that are being generated by that person. These are the thoughts ripples traveling over the surface of the lake. Some people have strong thoughts and others not so much.

The stronger ripples are created by a more concentrated and focused mind. If the mind is scattered it will generate many tiny ripples. If the mind is focused on something it will generate stronger ripples. This displays the power of the mind to affect the physical world. Because the physical world is made up of the same primal energy as thoughts, strong thoughts can build to create events. It is often referred to as synchronicity but they can also be coincidence. The word coincidence when broken down displays just that. Co-inside-ence – Two things existing in the same place at the same time. The thought and the action.

Stronger thoughts generate bigger ripples which turn into waves and crest. Strong thoughts are brought about through focus. The other side of focus is expansion. Contraction of thought and expansion of thought are both very powerful things. Expansion is the other method of creating strong thoughts. Expansion involves thinking of the largest, most abstract thing instead of the single, individual thing. This is the thought form that unites all things together, because everything is part of a larger whole and therefore contains an inherent connection between all things.

These very large, expansive thoughts are more harmonious because their wave is of a lower frequency. They tend to travel untouched by other thoughts. The larger wave passes right over the smaller waves and does not much affect them. Both methods of thought are powerful but the expansive thought takes less energy and is therefore the easier of the paths.

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