Moving around is a good thing

Today was a pretty easy going day. I was able to get a lot done including working on the temple painting. It is actually developing nicely so I am excited about getting it done. I already have a place above my desk to put it. Tomorrow is a workout day so I’m happy that I […]

Goals for Jan 2017

Today I decided to go over my goals for the month of January 2017 and I thought I would post them as a reminder to get them done! The month is about half over, so these are goals for things that I either want to do every day, or that I want to get completed […]

Jury Duty

Today I had to go to the courthouse for jury duty. For those who live in an area where there is no jury duty, or for those of you who don’t know what jury duty is, I’ll explain. Jury duty, at least in the United States, is a civic duty that you are required to […]

Moving on

Over the past week or so I have been streaming on, mostly playing Dwarf Fortress but also playing a game called RimWorld. The streaming is fun and it is interesting to get myself out there. I feel that it is really making me think about the things that I say and do. It is […]

Meditation and looking within

I mentioned in yesterdays essay the importance of looking within yourself. I also alluded to meditation as being a practical way to achieve the turning within. To many, meditation seems like a strange, foreign thing. In the United States, which is predominantly Christian in makeup, mediation is not something that is practiced. In many protestant […]

The Subconscious

The subconscious is a wonderful thing. It holds all of the collective memories from all past lives that have touched upon its ray. To some, the subconscious is the enemy, to others it is a dark and scary place full of terrifying monsters. To others still it is a well of knowledge and information. If […]

All work is good work

The worst thing that you can be in this world is inactive. Activity, action, karma is the reason that the entire universe exists. Everything is the effect of some action and this entire universe is the product of the first and only action. The cause of all things including every action that you or I […]