This blog has mostly been random thoughts without much direction so I decided that I would use this space to share some of my //work//. Over the past 2 years I’ve been going over The Philokalia which is a wonderful work that I recommend to everyone who is interested in the spiritual path.

Unfortunately it is very long and wordy, inaccessible to most people who don’t have to time to read the entire thing. Keeping this in mind, I have developed a note taking/bookmarking process with the intent of allowing me to review the key statements and points in a text which may be very long, without having to find it each time. I think that by sharing these sections of text, it will allow the more casual explorer to find the essential meaning from the text, a cliff-notes if you will.

So here it is, I am going to post in sections with the first being the introduction. If you are interested in the actual text you can find it on Amazon. I am using The Philokalia The Complete Text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Markios of Corinth.

I hope that you find this useful.

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