The Golden Rule

This morning I was feeling a little scatter brained. I think it started when, first thing when I woke up, I got on Google news from my phone. I don’t know why I did it, I just thought that maybe there was something interesting that had happened last night or something that I would find if I browsed the headlines. Of course the only thing anyone can talk about is Trump and his policies. The man has been in office for less than two weeks and he is already getting more attention then the Republicans ever gave to Obama. So this is what started my day off, and it really put me in a little bit of a ‘bad’ mood.

I don’t know if you could call it a bad mood per say. Maybe more of a; got my mind running and thinking about this topic. When I was younger, I used to get wrapped up in politics and would make a lot out of the races and elections. I thought it was a good idea to ponder the policies and argue the topics. But as I grew older I started to see that it is all a ruse, a trick. All of this doesn’t matter, it is all just there to control people and ‘make’ them do things.

Some of this control comes from the top; from the federal or (to a much lesser extent) the state government. There is a lot that comes from big corporations which have interests. No one in their right mind should be thinking that these entities are not acting in their own best interest. There are people however, who fall for this propaganda and will act in accordance with the masses. The thought of the masses prevail in this trickery. And because they are reacting to something that they were told, they are acting in the best interest of the entity who told them such and such thing was right or wrong. The masses think that they are acting in their own interest, but they are being manipulated into acting in the interest of the larger entity when the case suits the entities for the masses to act.

This whole thing is very apparent to me and it is hard for me to imagine now, falling for this type of trick. However, I do think back to when I was young, and there are A LOT of young people who are protesting and ‘re-acting’ to these new stories and policies, and I think about how I fell for the same exact thing myself and thought nothing of it. There is really something to be said about experience and discernment that shows they are very powerful but also illusive things to obtain. It is all about the perspective that you hold which gives you a view of what you think it reality. All in all it is just the perspective and not the objective truth because there really is no such thing as the objective truth. So the things that you are often fighting for or against are not really real at all. Herein is the secret of perception.

My morning was drenched in the thought of all this from the moment I set my eyes on the burden of the news headlines. “Protesters at JFK Airport” – All these news headlines, stories and pictures that are there to grab your attention and make you have a reaction. It is like the little child making fun of the other child because he or she wants to get a reaction out of the kid. It is the same thing with the news and with politics and all of those temporal things. On the schoolyard, if you don’t give the bully a reaction then the bully becomes board with you (or even afraid of you; why is this person so different from the rest?) and will end up moving to the next victim and leave you in peace. This is the right way to respond to all of this, no response.

I have no view on this topic one way or another and for good reason; you only think that you know about the topic but that knowledge is not real, it comes from someone else telling you that such and such is true. How many of the people marching in the streets so quickly have even read the law. None! They have been told that this is bad from an early age and they are defending their beliefs. But the beliefs are not really theirs! They are a set of thoughts that have been planted in their heads. Ask yourself this: Why, if I support gay rights, am I considered ‘left’ on the political spectrum? There is really no such thing as left and right. The reality is that everyone had a unique view and it will never fall completely right or completely left. That is ridiculous. The whole idea of left and right is ridiculous. They are thoughts that have been put into your heads by the government so they can control the masses easier.

The real trick here, the ultimate mission is the government making you certain that if it was not for them, bad things would happen. The goal is to make you think that you ‘need’ the government. Once they have you locked in, they will control you and use you for their own ends. At any time of their choosing, they can activate the right or the left by sending out certain decrees or signing certain policies. But all of this action is not true action, it is a reaction to the activation of the masses. If everyone got along with each other, they might start to figure out that the government is just a burden and suppose it is not needed. No, the only logical thing is to acknowledge that the government has its own priorities first. They make bad things happen and then want more money to fix the bad things. That money goes into more self interest. It is always the case.

My view, my perspective is that we do not need government at all. At any level because of this self interest that is evident. The only person who can, in reality, control you is yourself. Everything else is a trick. Once you realize that you are your own master, that is the only time that you can love others as you love yourself. Do unto others as you would have done to you… The golden rule.

The Universal Mother

It is written that the greatest form that the almighty Brahman can take in your mind is that of the Great Mother. If you have the love for the lord equal to that of your ideal mother, than you will have the greatest relationship that one can have with the Lord in the dualistic view.

Vivekananda says: “The Shaktas worship the Universal Energy as Mother; it is the sweetest name they know. The mother is the highest ideal of womanhood in India. When God is worshiped as Mother, the Hindus call such worship the “right-hand” way; and it leads to spirituality but never to material prosperity.”

The above quote is remarkable in that it shines light on some very important aspects of God worship. In our minds there are and have always been a mother and a father. In most cases, the father is representational of the harsh and punishing aspect while the mother is the archetype of the loving and giving aspect. By worshiping the universal cause as the ideal Mother, we are moving towards the path of love and connection such as we have with our maternal mother from the viewpoint of a child. This is a great and powerful love, the most powerful of all the loves that are out there (save maybe the creative love force that produces life).

Shinning that love to the universal Mother we are able to view the personal God as a great loving entity. In this way we are entitled, as a child is, to the love of his mother and she will give forth such a love to her child that is unconditional if it is her own. This is the greatest relationship that one can have with the universal from a dualistic standpoint because this is the greatest love that exists in the material world. The love that a mother has for her children has been witnessed to be so mighty that she will give her life. There is nothing that a mother would not do to protect and care for her children and that is a wonderful thing in this world.

The father is the provider. He is all about business and providing for the family and, in his archetypal form, gives to his family through the providing of material security and wealth. To worship God in the fathers form is to bring about those blessings of material wealth, but it also is dealing with fire in that the father is not a loving entity as is the mother. The secret here is that the fathers only real purpose is to create conditions that are acceptable and hospitable to the mother so the mother may incubate life and shine love upon the resulting child.

To worship the universal energy as Mother is truly the greatest form in which we can worship God in form. Let us all try to be as children to God, showing love and appreciation and expecting nothing in return. In that state you can be sure that the Divine Mother will pour great spiritual blessings upon you and this world such as a mother on earth pours love unto her beloved child.


Tapas. The purifying fire. This is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve been trying to see the truth in everything. By seeing the truth, I mean seeing love and light in everything. That is the true reality of everything, it is only that we cannot see it because our perspective is wrong. We are seeing things with the wrong attitude. Flavoring the universal with our perceived individuality. This individuality is what brings the perspective which makes us think that there is something called good and bad. Black and white. Evil and righteous. None of those things exist.

There is nothing such as good without bad. The truth is neither exists apart from the other because they are only relative. A wonderful truth is this; good and evil are always in the exact same amount relative to each other. There is never more evil than good, nor more good than evil. They are always in equal amounts. It is only the perspective that changes. This is a factual statement because evil and good are relative to each other. Is is only their amount relative to the point of perspective that changes, not the amount of good or the amount of evil.

Take a line for instance with two ends. On one end is good and the other is evil. The line itself can be stretched out and the ‘distance’ between the two ends can increase or decrease, but their relative distance will never change. Now, add a point on the line. This dot represents your ‘individual’ viewpoint. The point from which you perceive the external from. This point can be moved up and down the line. More towards the one side or towards the other, but until this point exists, there is neither more good or more evil. Without the individual perspective there is no quantity of good or evil in the world.

This point, the individual perspective is the cause of the perception of good and evil in a situation. How can evil be inflicted on a rock. The rock does not have a perspective and therefore no harm can ever come to it. It is never any different than all the other rocks. So we can see that it is not the world that has good and evil ‘in’ it. We ‘put’ the good and the evil in the world based on our perspective.

If your perspective is too far to one side or the other, then you will perceive the world as either good or evil and everything you experience will be one or the other. If you are viewing things from a happy perspective as many Christians will do, then things will become more and more happy for you. You will find happiness in all things and you will forget about evil all together.

Then there are people who put their perspective too far to the evil side. They are always having problems and can never get anything done. Everything in the world is working against them. They are constantly spitting into the wind so to speak. In the study of the occult, this side is known as the left-hand-path. They are always having to work hard just to get the simplest things done. The universe becomes their adversary (the Hebrew word ha-satan means adversary) and they find life to be dark and cold.

There are those who’s point is in the middle, exactly between the two ends of the line. It is like the Buddhist to take the middle path. To find the balance between the two imaginary sides. With this perspective of balance you find calm peace and tranquil waters. Things are seen not as good or bad, just as being. They see the good man as equal to the evil man for there is no good or evil to them. This middle path seems to be the most perfect and the most powerful and it is. The problem comes when you try to maintain this viewpoint. Without a perfect balance, you end up on one side or the other and the entire perspective falls apart.

You can see where so much emphasis on meditation and control over the senses comes from in religious practice. It is very difficult to maintain this balance, this middle way and it takes great power to obtain its perspective in this world. The universal instinct for balance is so powerful that all life springs from this desire. Reincarnation is nothing but the working out of vibrations to one side or the other. This brings me back to my main topic: Tapas.

Tapas is the burning of karma. Tapas means heat or gestation. From what I can tell it is originally the word used to describe, in the most ancient texts, the act of a mother bird covering her young for warmth. I think the most direct modern parallel would be an electric incubator. Something that keeps another thing warm in order for life to be born. Another good way of explaining the word would be the mothers womb. The heat of the womb that gestates the life of the child.

We are like the child in the womb that is this universe. The entire universe is her to keep us alive through its tapas, its warming fires. The most direct manifestation of this tapas is the heat of the sun. Without the heat of the sun there would be no life on this world. Its heat creates all energy on this planet in all its forms. It is the sun’s tapas, its warming fires which keeps the earth alive. Within each one of us too is a tapas; the tapas of the Atman or the soul.

Within us lies the greatest potential for generating this life giving heat. But in order to get this heat, one must be in perfect balance. So the word tapas has become, overtime to mean the practice of generating this heat, of practicing the actions that lead to balance. Normally these actions are austerities and meditation, but the actual goal of these things, the great secret of these practices is to place the perspective in the perfect middle of the line. The perspective at the heart of all things, seeing the truth in all things as a result.

This is the point where you understand that you ARE all things. That there is nothing outside of yourself because you are all things. These actions are the generator of the fire that warms the gestation inside of us. Tapas are cause of all things everywhere. Tapas births the true self. The Atman.

The ego and the Atman

In the Yoga Sutras (Sadhana Pada) the following is written:

“Egoism is the identification, as it were, of the power of the Seer (Purisha) with that of the instrument of seeing.”

That is a very sophisticated line! There is a lot to be learned in its wisdom. Here I am going to try and talk a little about my views on the ego and the real self (Atman).

To start; What is the ego? The ego is the I as you think yourself to be. In reality there is no “I”. The ego is the part of the mind that says; “I have this. I am that.” According to the ego, the entire universe revolves around I. This is the way that a child or a baby thinks. When they want something they make a noise and the mother comes to help them. They know that if they cry and fuss about something, they will get it. So that is what they do.

Most people are still like children in which they think that their needs are important enough to cause others to make them comfortable, or feed them, or tend to their needs. This is the life of the ego and there are many people who think that they can enjoy life with this outlook.

Unfortunately, the baby is never content. If the mother comes and feeds the hungry child, then a few moment later the baby is crying about something else. There is no end to the babies crying because all of its enjoyments are temporary. They bring the child pleasure for only a few seconds and then there is something else wrong.

The smarter path is to reject the ego. There are religious people in this world who tell everyone to reject the material world, reject the body. The world and all that is around us is not bad, it is here for a purpose and that purpose is love. The real problem is the ego in this world. The ego in this world sees an object that is attractive to it and it says “I WANT THAT”. If it gets the object then it things “THIS IS MINE”. So you can see here that the problems in this world do not come out of the material. They come out of the ego and its endless desires. Only then does the world become a bad place to live.

To bring our thoughts back to the sutra; it says that the ego is the identification of the power of the seer with that of the instrument of the seeing. We have defined what the ego is, but what is this instrument?

The instrument is the mind. It is the physical body. The body is a tool chest that we have been given with many tools inside. The most important tool is the mind. For with the mind we can have discretion and with discretion we can gain enlightenment and freedom from bondage. Humans are the only things on this earth that can gain freedom and that is because of their mind. The human brain is the most complicated thing known to man. There is nothing in this universe that we have discovered that is more complicated. The number of possible pathways in the brain are more numerous than the number of atoms in the entire universe!

So the sutra says that the ego is the result of the identification of the perceive with this body, with this material world. Again, it is not the material world that is the issue here, it is the ‘identification’ of this seer with that world. So that brings us to the last part of the equation: What is this seer?

The seer is the soul but not in the sense that some of us may think about it. The soul is the true source of all things. It is called the Atman and is the God that inside of all of us. I will not go too into detail here, but this Atman is the subject of all perception. It is the constant preceptor. It is untouched eternally from all changes. Is is the true self.

Atman is the true self that we are all trying to find. Everyone knows that there is a spark of light inside of them. This light will never be touched and is always pure. It is like a piece of God within all of us. In the same way that the Sun illuminates everything with its rays, so is it with the Atman and perception. The same way that the Sun is untouched by the things it illuminates, so is it with the Atman and its perception. The Sun may shine on good things and on bad things, but it is untouched by those things. So it goes with the Atman.

If the identification lies not with the body but with the Atman, then all of the problems that we think exist melt away. All becomes clear and the truth is revealed. People who have achieved this identification have their entire world-view changed. They become enlightened and no longer fall victim to the trials and tribulations of this world. Beyond that, the yogi should go farther until there is no identification with anything at all. Then the true and complete freedom is achieved!

Thought expansion

When you use your mind, it is like you are touching the universe. The universe is like a lake. The magnitude of your thought creates ripples of various sizes in the lake of the universe. The stronger the concentration, the larger the ripple. These ripples also combine with other ripples and create even bigger ripples. This continues to happen until the ripple is so large that it triggers an event.
Thoughts are like waves. Waves of a similar frequency will combine to create an even larger wave until the wave crests and is resolved back into many little waves. This happens for eternity. This also demonstrates the concept of ‘like attracts like’ or the “Law of Attraction” as it is known in New Age terms. Thoughts that are of a similar nature will combine with other similar thoughts. Likewise, thoughts that are conflicting or un-similar will cancel each other out and not continue to manifest.

There are often times that everyone has known, when you enter a room and can feel the energy inside. If you feel something like that you should know that the thoughts that are in that room are very strong and may be inharmonious with your own. There are other times when you walk into a room and can feel the love and warmth of the people there. Often times people will talk about a person’s “energy”. What they are referring to is the strong thought vibrations that are being generated by that person. These are the thoughts ripples traveling over the surface of the lake. Some people have strong thoughts and others not so much.

The stronger ripples are created by a more concentrated and focused mind. If the mind is scattered it will generate many tiny ripples. If the mind is focused on something it will generate stronger ripples. This displays the power of the mind to affect the physical world. Because the physical world is made up of the same primal energy as thoughts, strong thoughts can build to create events. It is often referred to as synchronicity but they can also be coincidence. The word coincidence when broken down displays just that. Co-inside-ence – Two things existing in the same place at the same time. The thought and the action.

Stronger thoughts generate bigger ripples which turn into waves and crest. Strong thoughts are brought about through focus. The other side of focus is expansion. Contraction of thought and expansion of thought are both very powerful things. Expansion is the other method of creating strong thoughts. Expansion involves thinking of the largest, most abstract thing instead of the single, individual thing. This is the thought form that unites all things together, because everything is part of a larger whole and therefore contains an inherent connection between all things.

These very large, expansive thoughts are more harmonious because their wave is of a lower frequency. They tend to travel untouched by other thoughts. The larger wave passes right over the smaller waves and does not much affect them. Both methods of thought are powerful but the expansive thought takes less energy and is therefore the easier of the paths.

Meditation and looking within

I mentioned in yesterdays essay the importance of looking within yourself. I also alluded to meditation as being a practical way to achieve the turning within. To many, meditation seems like a strange, foreign thing. In the United States, which is predominantly Christian in makeup, mediation is not something that is practiced. In many protestant churches, it may even be frowned upon as devil worship. But there should be nothing mysterious about meditation. In reality, it is as natural as breathing.

Meditation, at its most basic level, is focus. It is the practice of focusing ones mind and gaining control over its waves. By focus, we are able to calm the thoughts which are like waves and create a serene lake within the mind. If you practice it enough and are able to calm the mind then the lake becomes like a mirror, thus reflecting the true reality. It may not be easy to reach a point where the mind is perfectly clear, but it is easy to simply meditate.

Each and every thought that you have is like a quick little mediation. All of the images and words that you think. Each and every one of them is a brief focus of thought. Sometimes you have longer thoughts, like when you are having a conversation with someone, or when you are thinking a lot about a particular thing. For most people this happens without much control on their part. If there is something that affects them they jump to a thought. There are others who can control their thoughts and guide them more easily to their will. By practicing mediation you are able to control all of your thoughts and use them, focus them.

Normally the mind will bounce from thought to thought, going a hundred miles an hour! It will jump from one thought to the next rapidly and this can cause confusion. If the mind is running quickly it cannot be used properly. In order to think clearly the mind must be able to maintain focus on a particular thing. The longer the mind can focus, the stronger the mind becomes. It is like a muscle; the more you work the muscle the stronger it becomes. The same is true for the mind; the more you work on concentration the longer you can concentrate.

Many people think that mediation is about obtaining the absence of thoughts. I’ve known many people who tell me it is hard to meditate because they cannot stop thinking about thinking. The answer to this problem is that they are trying to go too far to quickly. The main goal of meditation should not be the absence of thoughts. The main goal of meditation should be to focus one’s mind on a single thought for as long as possible. It is often helpful to utilize an object like a rose or a lotus.

At first it may be difficult to concentrate the mind for more than a split second. You will start to think about things other than what you are trying to focus on. That is your mind trying to gain control back. As soon as you try to control it, it will start to fight you a little. The more you pull it in one direction, the more it will struggle. Finally, the mind will grow weary of this game and give in. If the mind gives you thoughts let it do so. Instead of fighting them, let them come. After a few moments, bring your focus back to your chosen object. It’s like a game you are playing.

As you practice meditation, you will notice that very quickly you will be able to focus for longer and longer periods of time. This may happen faster than you would initially think. If you get tired of your chosen object our thought, change it. This way your mind will not grow tired and will not struggle so much. It is up to you what you want to meditate on. It makes no difference. The main goal is focus. Through focus your mind will become sharp like a sword. It will easily be able to discern between right and wrong. Between the real and unreal.

The Subconscious

The subconscious is a wonderful thing. It holds all of the collective memories from all past lives that have touched upon its ray. To some, the subconscious is the enemy, to others it is a dark and scary place full of terrifying monsters. To others still it is a well of knowledge and information.

If properly tamed it can be a powerful stallion that gives the rider great power over him or herself. If not, it becomes a night-mare. The subconscious is like a powerful wild animal. The archetype of an animal would make sense in consideration of the fact that all consciousness traveled up to the human sphere through the animal sphere, and traces of every animal we have ever evolved through are still there in our subconscious.

The powers of all the animals are awaiting manifestation of their powers in the human. The strength of the gorilla, the fearlessness of the lion, the freedom of the eagle. All of those energies lie dormant and waiting for us in our subconscious mind. The power gained by discovering and using the subconscious is often represented as an animal as well. Instead of a wild savage beast, the subconscious can become a great and powerful energy in our lives.

The unconscious mind also contains all of the imprints from our past lives and the lives of our mother and fathers. In fact, it contains imprints from our parents, parents all the way back to before we where us and farther! That is the reason that the subconscious is so powerful. It contains all of the lessons from all past lives, all past actions, and this collective consciousness is contained as a whole in every individual.

This is a reflection of the fact that each and every one of us contains the entire universe as a whole. The entire existence is within all humans. This is a wonderful and extremely important truth. Just think about the implications that knowledge of this fact uncovers! Many have in the past! Many have meditated on this and obtained wisdom which is the greatest nectar and have gained great freedom.

If man is able to look within himself, he will be sure to discover all the knowledge that has ever existed and will ever exist. This is where the New Age idea of the “Akashic Record” comes from. In Sanskrit, the word ‘akasha’ means aether, sky or void. It has occult parallels with the concept of the waters above and waters below (Bohu, Tohu) found in Kabbalah. Akasha is the most basic and unifying ‘thing’ that makes up all other things. Scientifically it is the concept of pure ‘space’.

So what is being said with the Akashic Record, is that the imprint of all karma is left on this material/void/space which is the most basic and unifying thing between all matter and therefore links all matter together in this chain of karma. Because the universe exists within each and every human in full, then all imprints are accessible to each and every one of us if we know, and practice looking in ourselves.

This is what is meant by ‘dis-cover’. We have covered ourselves with ignorance in this world, thinking we are individuals with differences. We ‘uncover’ knowledge by removing the ignorance which is like removing the hands from your eyes. We already have knowledge of everything, we are simply uncovering that knowledge and stopping it from being hidden from us. It is possible to find all knowledge by looking inside ourselves. All things are available to us if we practice and perfect this looking inside known as meditation.

There are two ways to uncover things; from the outside and from the inside. The external takes much energy to develop. By looking inside we find everything with very little energy required!

All work is good work

The worst thing that you can be in this world is inactive. Activity, action, karma is the reason that the entire universe exists. Everything is the effect of some action and this entire universe is the product of the first and only action. The cause of all things including every action that you or I make.

Without action, nothing would exist and therefor no progress would ever be made. It is no accident that the entire universe exists. To think about the truth; that all of this is the product of stars is mind boggling. Not only our actions are the echos of the first and only action, but our physical bodies reflect this in that every particle is the product of some previous action. Some previous cause.

So, to not be active is fundamentally against this universe. It is not the law of this existence to be inactive. It is the law of this universe to be active. Activity is required and we are working all the time. Everything from our most basic breathing to every word that we say is part of our karma. To align the actions that you perform with those of the universe is the greatest form of karma ever. It is the type of action that moves things forward and makes things grow.

There are two basic ways that you can perform action. In these two categories of action all actions fall: to obtain and to renounce. The action of obtaining is known as the lifestyle of the householder. The action of renouncing is known as the lifestyle of the monk. For the householder, it is his duty to obtain things for many people rely on him; his wife, his children, the poor, etc. For the monk who has taken up the path of renouncing it would be amoral for him to obtain riches and fortune. His morals hold that he should never even think of riches. Neither of these paths are better than the other. They are equal in that they both are action; there is no difference.

It may seem like this is high talk, like it doesn’t make any difference in our day-to-day lives but it does. If we waste our lives by not doing anything, by being lazy and not doing any progressive work, then we are even more amoral then if we did bad things. That’s something to think about. If you do nothing, it is worse than having done something bad, which is worse than doing correct action.

Knowing that it is our duty to do action in this world, to perform karma we may feel a great burden. If we HAVE to do something, then it always seems like it becomes more tedious to do something because it’s forced. For this I would respond that we are all actually vindicated by this knowledge. We can rest assured that in reality, as long as we are performing karma to the best of out ability, we are doing good in this life. There is no fear of failure at this point. All work is good.

The Chariot

The Chariot

Today’s card is The Chariot. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck, second only to the High Priestess which is my favorite. The symbolism of The Chariot is very interesting to me and really represents this time of my life in a positive way.

This is a card of balance and the actionable result of the balance. If you take a card like The Lovers then you can see the progression of this energy. The Lovers are the opposite of the Devil which represents lust in contrast to love. One is master over the other. In The Lovers, the union is symbolized by a glowing angelic figure. The result of their love. The Chariot shows this same energy, but it is not displaying the result of the love, but the ACTION of the love.

The Chariot driver is like the mind and the horses are the senses. At least this is a most basic way to look at the situation presented. There is much power in the horses, a symbol we still use to this day with engines and cars. If the horses are not under control through discernment then their energies are dangerous and they can cause harm. If the driver is in control of the sense, then the power becomes his power and he is a king. It all depends on what is using what.

Coming back to The Lovers and the Devil cards they display this perfectly. In the lovers, the man is looking at the woman and she is looking at the angel. The angel is looking down at her and is sending blessings and shining light back represented by the hand gesture of giving. Here we see a completion of the circuit. Love is being used for what the power of love is there for. To make the light-bulb shine. By practicing love we complete the circuit and the light turns on.

On the Devil card we see a very different state of affairs. Here, the man and the woman are chained to the beast. This is symbolizing the fact that the senses are in control over the man and woman. They are chained to their own desires and their own impulses. Here the man is looking at the woman but the woman is looking away. The devil seems to be looking directly at you and there is no completion of anything, there is simply a glowing stare that wants more, more, more!

So in one case we see love as being a positive and beautiful thing; a thing that shines light and brings harmony through unification. On the other hand we see the senses using the man instead of the man using his senses. It is similar to smoking cigarettes. At first you find it repulsive, but if you do it a little you find at first a little pleasure and then more pleasure. Pretty soon you are back to where you started and the cigarettes bring you no pleasure but you still have to smoke them. At that point the cigarettes stop being smoked and start smoking you.

The Chariot shows the middle ground between the results of The Lovers and the Devil cards. Through discrimination of good and bad, the driver can steer the senses one direction or the other and cover the distance to the goal. Otherwise, it is like the drivers is asleep at the reins and the horses are running any direction without any sense or reasoning. They may run over others or lead the chariot over a cliff with the driver along for the ride.

The horses have names as well. One is mercy and compassion and the other is severity and harsh punishment. These two forces are also shown in many symbols, most specifically the Yin and Yang. These two forces are controlled through discretion which is very powerful. Some situations require kindness and compassion. Others absolutely require you to be appalled and repulsed. If you can tell the difference between these two paths, then you can always be sure that you are traveling in the right direction.

The Chariot shows these two forces under control, in their proper amounts at the proper times. This is the middle ground that can lead in two directions. Either to bondage or freedom. Into ignorance or knowledge. From sleeping into being awake. The Chariot shows us the way to controlling ourselves and therefor discover ourselves. If a canine is a wolf it will attack you and kill you without even thinking. If man has shown love to a canine for many years, overtime the wolf understands the human and the human the wolf. The wolf ceases to be a wolf and turn into what has been called “man’s best friend”. At this point the once wolf that would kill a man without a second thought becomes a creature that would give it’s life for its master. That is the great power of love and it is very real.

Let us make our natures like the trustworthy “man’s best friend” and not like the savage wolf. Let us all be friends to all people and lovers of all things. For that is the nature of one who is in control of their senses. This is the nature of the entire universe!

I think the word you are looking for is: Advaitist

I have done good over the past three days to get all of my goals done for the day, each and every one of those days. I have done a blog post as well as a twitch stream every day! The blog posts are somewhat rough, but I am just starting out and the writing style will improve as I practice. I am also working on getting the editing process down, because I know that is the best way to get good writing; EDITING!

The more that you edit the better the writing becomes. I think that I read that in a book about writing by Stephen King but I’m not sure. I know that when i read that book, the best advice he had to becoming a great writer was TO WRITE!

For the first time in my life, I am feeling like I am actually getting somewhere. I am also the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I know that it is because I am doing something that I truly love. I came to the realization that I can do whatever I want to do and that the only thing that can ever hold me back from being myself, is myself!

That was the start of it. The seed so to speak. Now, anything that I want to do; I just do. I don’t even let myself think about it. Before I can talk myself out of something (and that happens A LOT!) I just do an action that is in the direction of my motivation.

By doing that, I get out of my head and I move farther into the realm of action and eventually into the realm of fruition through what I understand to be a flow state. If this is done often enough it becomes a habit.

A flow state is something that I first heard about a long time ago, but I only recently started to think about it when I heard it brought up on Joe Rogan’s podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). He had a doctor of something on the show and the doctor was talking about how you can get yourself ‘into’ a flow state.

That got me thinking, what is a flow state and why is that important? I thought back to times in my life where I felt that I was in such a state. Various driving incidents, times with girls, social situations. Even such things like playing pool at just the right level of drunkenness.

If one could just get in the habit of getting into these flow states then one could get a lot more work done in the direction of the things we desire. The doctor being interviewed on Joe’s podcast mentioned that you could stimulate a flow state by drinking a cup of coffee, and smoking a joint (or something along those lines).

I think that would be the wrong way to get into a flow state if you are going to attempt to do it so often that it becomes a habit. The first thing that you would have to do is eliminate the need for some substance as a catalyst. Most of the substances, albeit not to a large degree caffeine or a joint, are harmful in some physiological way.

In addition to the physiological harm there is a dependency issue that comes into the equation. A flow state is something that should be fostered through correct action developing into a habit (and eventually character) that can be utilized. If you rely on an external catalyst to start the state, then the state, by definition, cannot be ‘flow’ in its most ideal form.

This is not to say that nothing should ever be used to get into a flow state. I am simply pointing out the most optimal path and pointing to that as the ultimate correct way. I would suggest that a best case option would be something along the lines of breath control.

The fact remains that the ability to enter into a trance like flow state on demand or at least on a regular basis would be a great asset for one to have. I remember that when I was younger I used to have a lot of what I later learned to be “lucid dreams”. I still have them regularly to this day.

I always imagined that I could study for school work while I was sleeping and then I would not have to do the homework in the waking world and could instead spend my time playing with my army men. Unfortunately, I was never able to develop this ability per se, but I have learned a lot from my dreams!

Flow state is a lot like lucid dreaming. You get into a zone and that head-space allows you to take action according to your will with increased efficiency. To be able to enter into this state regularly is extremely beneficial. To foster that ability and develop a method of obtaining this state in order to become a better writer is one of my goals for this year (2017).