Here we are again with the beloved chariot! Out of all the card, I think that The Chariot is the most expressive of this year so far. For me, it has been all about control and balance. About not getting caught up in moments and about movement through the power of will.

Will-power is the force created by conquering the impulse of desire. As with all things that can be conquered, this too will put up a fight. Any time you push against something, it’s natural tendency is to push back. But the more force you are able to apply through will power and determination, the more you are able to control and the more you are able to move.

The Chariot represents the conglomeration of all the forces that are available to us, brought under control and used as one would use an instrument to play music. The stronger and more powerful the rider of the chariot, the stronger the chariot itself. The weaker the rider, the more dangerous the chariot. Keeping control of the body, the mind, and the resulting sensory world is the key to successfully navigating this life. This control is achieved through the practice of intense concentration.

This intense concentration is known as meditation, similar to the word mediation. The power that comes from this meditation is the tool that builds the chariot and that is discrimination. Discrimination is the ability to tell the right from the wrong. This produced duality apparent, and is not the reality but simply a tool for correct action to be done. Correct action (dharma) is the reason the world exists. Nothing more. For reality is one, but appears to be dial in order, or as a result of, motion. “In order” is dharma, “as a result of” is karma.

Through the realization of one the other vanishes. Eventually they both disappear. The chariot of our bodies is the action temple. Tools created over millions of years on this planet in order that intelligence and consciousness can peek into this world. That is a great secret. We are ll the bodies of the lord manifesting through our instruments the music of bliss. Everything else is an illusion.

By intense concentration this all came into being. Remember? For you are the concentrator of all of this! Know this and gain control over your creation. Bring light, love and happiness into this world. May we all come closer to the realization of the ultimate truth… That all is one and we are all the same One viewed from different angles. Do not forget this. Keep my mind steady on this, and everything will flow as it is supposed to. Bliss.


The Journey

For today’s card I received the ‘Eight of Cups’. At first I don’t know what to make of this card. I have been getting it often so there has to be some sort of deeper meaning than the negative sounding words of “material gain abandoned”. Overall this seems to be a card of moving on.

Even if you have worked for a lot and have gained much, there comes a time when you must let it all go and just move on. This card can represent both external and internal change, but I see it’s message personally as pointing more toward the internal.

The night before last, I had a dream that I was fighting with myself (yes, physically in a fight with myself!) over something that had to do with my old job which was a dead-end job in an office where I was not happy. In the dream I was able to overcome myself and gain the upper-hand, but when I woke up I knew that this was some sort of sign that I needed to move on past this ‘old’ life and into my new one. This dream reflected an internal struggle that I was having on a sub-conscious level; between the old self and the new self that I was trying to become.

It is not easy to move forward sometimes, even if you really want to because your body and more importantly, your mind, will still be ‘stuck’ so to speak in the old patterns that your sub-conscious is still acting out. The journey is especially hard to obtain when it’s value is high or when the searching and direction being sought is of a spiritual nature. Just imagine how hard it is to abandon something physical that you have worked hard on, not think about how this is done on a massive, all encompassing scale when you proceed on a spiritual quest. Getting this card at a point in life when I am trying to move forward and beyond the old is actually a good sign.

I see this card as being a voluntary version of the forced energy of change found in ‘The Tower’. With the tower, material things are taken away from you in a cataclysm, whereas with the eight of cups, the energy is solemn but the ‘loss’ is voluntary. Nothing is forcing this man to leave his work behind. This is a more powerful card spiritually because it shows a willingness to accept material losses in order to continue on a spiritual journey. There is a recognition here that the material has little value when it is compared with the value of the spiritual. When the mind concerns itself with spiritual matters, the material world melts away and one sees that there was nothing there of value to begin with. The material value is just an illusion.

This card also shows that this is just the beginning of the journey. Often, it is easy for me to get caught up in the day to day dealings and to imagine to myself that I am progressing faster than I really am, and that I have gone farther than I really have. This card is much like ‘The Fool’ in this case, just starting to commence the journey whereas a card like ‘The World’ or a number 10 card would show the nearing towards, or the straight completion of a journey.

It is important to keep in mind that I am not taking any shortcuts because in the end they will get you nowhere. The journey I am on is a long one and I am merely at the mercy of the goal of the universe. Nothing more nothing less. I am not a part of the whole, but the whole itself. All things shall be love to me, but it will take time to get to the truth, to gain wisdom out of knowledge. The last thing to remind myself is not to give up hope. Do not abandon your progress in spiritual matters, but leave behind all of the material boons. Do not lose hope for in time all goals are certain to be reached!

The Star

Today’s card is The Star – A very powerful and important card that shows hope for the future and gives inspiration for the present. This time in my life is full of this awaiting future expansion and blessings but it is also a time of fear for me because the future is not certain.

There are many people in this world who put security at the top most desire but those people never get to see their true self because of their fear of the unknown. For me, it is always important to not become complacent and to keep moving. Over the years, working at the office I was working at provided me with a secure income and allowed me to become lazy. I was stagnant for many of those years and I wasted a lot of time sitting still, when I could have been moving forward with my life. No one/nothing is to blame for this but me, myself and I.

Now days, I have become less afraid of taking leaps into the unknown, but I am still, from time to time, afraid to move forward. The unknown is just such a monster if you let it become that. The longer you wait, the more menacing the fear becomes. But that monster can be eliminated in an instance if you want it to for it is nothing but yourself. Only you can hold yourself back.

The Star is a card that shows one foot in the world and the other foot in another. That is because this card shows the method of great blessings being given to this world, the practical, shown by the foot on the earth. It also represents inspiration, the source of which comes from the sub-conscious mind shown by the foot in the water.

The blessings are being poured into both worlds, but often we can only see one or the other at one time. This card shows us both simultaneously and also explains through its imagery the interaction between these two worlds when things are harmonious.

A good illustration of the parallels between these two worlds is shown in the stars themselves. When it is day time, everything is bright and illuminated but the stars are not able to be seen. On the other hand when darkness falls, the world appears dark and scary; monsters come out during the night time. Even though the world becomes a scary place, when you look up you see the stars are shining (along with the moon). So this shows a parallel in that when we look inside, things may be dark and scary, but only by looking within can we connect with the universal, whereas when we look to the outside world, it may be comforting, but by doing so we loose part of our connection to the whole.

The star card shows us that the blessings flow into both worlds, the inside world and the external world. This flow comes not from either of these worlds but from a third place; the true self. The Atman is this true self, the perceiver of both worlds. This is the pure, universal intelligence that is above all things.


It is amazing to me the similarities that I have seen between different religions. These similarities also span over the course of 5,000 years. For me, there is no way that there was not some connection between these groups of people who possessed and created these religious myths and stories over the centuries.

Today, for my tarot card, I pulled The Tower. As I was meditation on the meaning of the card the story of the tower of Babel came to mind. This is a common connection to make when using the Ryder Waite deck because of the actual image of a tower on the card and, of course, the name. On earlier sets, the number 14 card shows a tree being hit by lightning. That seems to make more sense to me based on the true meaning of the card and I can understand where the connection would come from as seeing lightening was, and still is, a very memorable and frightening occurrence that most all humans have had.

In connection with the tower of Babel story, I started to think about the fact that there are so many of these myths from all different cultures but many of them have the same topics, the same mythology only written with different symbols. Although, to the ordinary interpretation the stories may seem vastly different the reality is that the stories are so similar that it cannot be coincidental.

What occurred to me was that the tower of Babel myth was attempting to explain the ‘scattering’ of the peoples across the earth and the resulting language difference that resulted. Language is just like myth in that it clothes thoughts and ideas using symbolism in order to facilitate the communication of that idea. So, according to this interpretation, the languages or ‘tongues’ mentioned in the story could be construed as the myths and stories themselves. That would turn the tower of Babel story into one that describes the movement of symbols throughout the myths. With one untied mythology, man was too powerful and, so to speak: “knew too much”. So it was made apparent to the people that they where all saying different things, even though they where actually saying the same thing. This is a form of Maya used to make this happen. The people became ignorant of what the other was saying and saw difference where there was none.

As a side note, this manifestation of apparent difference, illusion, Maya is the exact thing that the government is using in this age to control the masses. All of this naming of groups creates definitive and definable positions which can be used to produce action among the population. One should always be on the lookout for this trickery. I wrote a little about this in yesterdays post.

Now what all of this says about the actual tarot for my day, I have a feeling there is little of use here. But as far as thinking broadly, it really makes for some interesting meditation. Today I was also reading some stories out of the Bhagavata Purana and there where so many stories and myths that I can see paralleled in other religions. Especially Christianity, which is the religion of my parents and of which I was raised. All in all Christianity is a wonderful religion; it is the religion of love and peace on this earth and for that it is one of the most noble. However, in my day to day run in’s with people, I have found it to be a religion mostly hijacked by personal interests and social moires. It has also been highly used in the political sphere which makes the surface appear tarnished to me. There are many people that are pure God lovers and righteous people and Jesus is a very important prophet of God.

No matter what you believe. No matter what religion you serve. Even if you support no religions whatsoever. May we all keep in mind that the differences are only apparent and if you want to see the truth look within yourself. You will find that all the things that you think are external are actually internal, you will also discover that there is no difference. Everything is united and the same, it is only through the trick of Maya, the ignorance that we have placed upon ourselves and have the power to remove, that makes us think that we are different. Do not fall for the trick, know that love is the only thing that exists because we are all in divine union all the time. All we have to do is realize it.

The Chariot

The Chariot

Today’s card is The Chariot. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck, second only to the High Priestess which is my favorite. The symbolism of The Chariot is very interesting to me and really represents this time of my life in a positive way.

This is a card of balance and the actionable result of the balance. If you take a card like The Lovers then you can see the progression of this energy. The Lovers are the opposite of the Devil which represents lust in contrast to love. One is master over the other. In The Lovers, the union is symbolized by a glowing angelic figure. The result of their love. The Chariot shows this same energy, but it is not displaying the result of the love, but the ACTION of the love.

The Chariot driver is like the mind and the horses are the senses. At least this is a most basic way to look at the situation presented. There is much power in the horses, a symbol we still use to this day with engines and cars. If the horses are not under control through discernment then their energies are dangerous and they can cause harm. If the driver is in control of the sense, then the power becomes his power and he is a king. It all depends on what is using what.

Coming back to The Lovers and the Devil cards they display this perfectly. In the lovers, the man is looking at the woman and she is looking at the angel. The angel is looking down at her and is sending blessings and shining light back represented by the hand gesture of giving. Here we see a completion of the circuit. Love is being used for what the power of love is there for. To make the light-bulb shine. By practicing love we complete the circuit and the light turns on.

On the Devil card we see a very different state of affairs. Here, the man and the woman are chained to the beast. This is symbolizing the fact that the senses are in control over the man and woman. They are chained to their own desires and their own impulses. Here the man is looking at the woman but the woman is looking away. The devil seems to be looking directly at you and there is no completion of anything, there is simply a glowing stare that wants more, more, more!

So in one case we see love as being a positive and beautiful thing; a thing that shines light and brings harmony through unification. On the other hand we see the senses using the man instead of the man using his senses. It is similar to smoking cigarettes. At first you find it repulsive, but if you do it a little you find at first a little pleasure and then more pleasure. Pretty soon you are back to where you started and the cigarettes bring you no pleasure but you still have to smoke them. At that point the cigarettes stop being smoked and start smoking you.

The Chariot shows the middle ground between the results of The Lovers and the Devil cards. Through discrimination of good and bad, the driver can steer the senses one direction or the other and cover the distance to the goal. Otherwise, it is like the drivers is asleep at the reins and the horses are running any direction without any sense or reasoning. They may run over others or lead the chariot over a cliff with the driver along for the ride.

The horses have names as well. One is mercy and compassion and the other is severity and harsh punishment. These two forces are also shown in many symbols, most specifically the Yin and Yang. These two forces are controlled through discretion which is very powerful. Some situations require kindness and compassion. Others absolutely require you to be appalled and repulsed. If you can tell the difference between these two paths, then you can always be sure that you are traveling in the right direction.

The Chariot shows these two forces under control, in their proper amounts at the proper times. This is the middle ground that can lead in two directions. Either to bondage or freedom. Into ignorance or knowledge. From sleeping into being awake. The Chariot shows us the way to controlling ourselves and therefor discover ourselves. If a canine is a wolf it will attack you and kill you without even thinking. If man has shown love to a canine for many years, overtime the wolf understands the human and the human the wolf. The wolf ceases to be a wolf and turn into what has been called “man’s best friend”. At this point the once wolf that would kill a man without a second thought becomes a creature that would give it’s life for its master. That is the great power of love and it is very real.

Let us make our natures like the trustworthy “man’s best friend” and not like the savage wolf. Let us all be friends to all people and lovers of all things. For that is the nature of one who is in control of their senses. This is the nature of the entire universe!

Card for the day: 5 of Wands

5 of Wands

5 of Wands

Over the past couple years I have gotten in the habit of drawing a tarot card for each day. This has given me a ‘flavor’ for the day, a theme and has been working well for me.

There is something about today’s card that I have not noticed before. I have gotten this card many times but have never realized that meaning. “Change through courage” is the last upright meaning of the card according to my phone’s interpretation. All of the other times I have gotten this card I have never noticed this meaning; or, if I have, its meaning had not had the same effect on me as it had this morning.

The card itself is about competition and struggle, but it is also about “agility”. That has always perplexed me. It is almost as if the men/boys shown on the card face are engaging not in a war or fight, but in training or sparing. There is no blood, they appear to be friends and are, in a way, rejoicing. The imagery brings the word ‘college’ to mind for me. Representing such as the development of agility through sparing, debating, and wrestling with thoughts and ideas.

The more in-depth meaning states: “This card represents the struggle to gain material security, which is only achieved through dedication. Courage is needed, as well as the ability to think on your feet. Develop new ways of thinking ahead to attain an advantage. Maintain your balance and equilibrium, and do not lose sight of your goal.”

Again this is very indicative of the college mindset. Another interesting thing about this card is the first line of its reversed meaning: “This card reversed warns that the battle you are in is an illusion.” The card appears to me to be saying that this learning is needed but that this is not the “real” world, as they used to tell me back in high school: “You think it’s bad here; just wait until you get out in the ‘real world’.”

I can relate this somewhat to my place in life right now. Between jobs, the only thing that I can actively do at this time is to learn, to expand my horizons and soak up as many different experiences as possible. This is the learning part of the equation.

I have the ability to map out my chosen route. To find every path through the forest in order to find the most suitable and effective path for me. I have been practicing the energy of this card over the past couple months and I am starting to find my foothold. This leads me to my blogging, my twitch streaming and soon to my YouTube creations.

One must build up the state of mind to accomplish before one can dedicate oneself to the accomplishment!